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Everything you need to know about the heating and cooling system in your automobile

The Five Most Important Parts of Your Car's Air Conditioning

AC Compressor

The compressor is the piece of any air conditioning system that is regarded as being the most critical. It is crucial to the quality of the air you breathe! The following is a list of the four primary jobs that the compressor in your vehicle is responsible for: Pressurizing the refrigerant to cool the air Sense changes in temperature both inside and outside your car. Monitor and control the temperature output. Controlling temperature output by directing air toward the condenser


The A/C condenser on your car is usually in front of the radiator. This gives it the nickname "mini-radiator." When the compressor is putting pressure on the refrigerant, the condenser works to lower the temperature and pressure of the hot gases coming from the refrigerant. The condenser also moves the cooled liquid refrigerant to the receiver, dryer, or accumulator.


Depending on the type of vehicle you have, you may or may not have a receiver/dryer or an accumulator. When a car has a thermal expansion valve, it also has a receiver/dryer. On the other hand, vehicles with an orifice tube have an accumulator. Gas and liquid are separated by the receiver/dryer. If liquid gets into the compressor, it could be broken. That's because a compressor is only made to move gas, not liquid. A desiccant is also used in this part to get rid of moisture. Desiccants are like the small packets with beads inside that come with new electronics. Lastly, there are filters that keep dirt out of the A/C system. The accumulator is in charge of keeping track of and regulating how much refrigerant goes into the evaporator. It also stores any extra coolant, filters out dirt, and gets rid of moisture.


As we've already said, cars with a thermal expansion valve use a receiver/dryer, while cars with an orifice tube use an accumulator. No matter what, the thermal expansion valve or orifice tube should be put between the condenser and the evaporator. Together, they keep an eye on the pressure and temperature of your air conditioner and figure out how much refrigerant can go into the evaporator safely.  


The evaporator is another important part if you want cool, refreshing air to blow on your face. This part is right behind where the dashboard is. Its job is to use the refrigerant to cool the air before it is blown into the car's cabin.

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